The internet is filled with half-baked information about health and nutrition. In this post I have tried to bust a few myths about all the farce available.

Unlike my usual posts, this one is really just a rant. I am getting kind of annoyed now with the way health and fitness is being projected. At the moment, there are only two kinds of opinions:

  1. Fat People Deserve Bad Things: Being overweight or obese makes you bad. It is the right of every person who meets you to body shame you in direct or indirect ways. The only way you can have a chance at a normal social life and good health is by depriving yourself of food and probably even getting yourself "corrected" surgically.

  2. The Go Getters: You will take charge of your own health. You will read a few blogs, follow a couple of pseudo-nutritionists, take up an e-course on health and nutrition and then eventually blog about it yourself. This group of people will try each and every Fad possible. Be it Keto Diets, GM Diets, Intermittent Fasting, Gluten-free, The No-Diet just Intense Workout Regime, Bulletproof Coffees and what not! I have honestly lost track of all the fads coming up now.

My problem with both the groups is pretty much the same. Both these groups show extreme disrespect to their own bodies. The only difference is the former group follows a bad lifestyle knowing fully well that it is bad, while the latter group thinks they are doing the right thing.

This has to stop! Please learn to respect your body!

So here, I am sharing some information that might make life easy for you.

  1. A unidimensional approach never works! Diet or exercise alone will give you very limited results. Plus this is not sustainable. If you wish to be healthy (not thin or beefed up, I'm saying healthy), then you have to focus on building good habits. Alter your eating habits gradually and take them to a point where you can sustain them irrespective of what life throws at you. Same goes with working out, start with a 15 minute home workout if your schedule doesn't allow more time. Increase the duration slowly. Not just this, focus on managing stress levels, keep your health issues or any genetic predispositions in mind before planning your life. FOCUS ON SUSTAINABILITY.

  2. Keto Diets Merits of the Keto Diet are still not certain. Everyone who has actual qualifications up their sleeves is still on the edge about it. As far as I am concerned, I am also on the edge. Even if it makes sense, for now, long-term effects of ketosis is a grey area. Also, each time you go on Keto you are basically making major changes in the internal chemistry of your body. You cannot be switching the internal systems randomly. Things have consequences.

  3. Blogger turned Health Coaches, Nutritionists, etc etc Look for their qualifications before you deep dive into their nutrition philosophy. They should have a degree and a masters diploma at the least. In India, there are BSc. programs followed by MSc and Post Graduate Diplomas. If you wish to be the one who figures his own macros and workout meals etc, just make sure you are referring to the right information.

  4. Google is NOT your best friend Anyone can put up information and support it with fake science. If you are looking for legit information, go to Google Scholar and find a couple of research articles. Credibility matters guys!

  5. When in doubt, turn to Nature! If eating carbs were so bad for your health then why does nature have an abundance of carb-rich fruits? If cow's milk is healthy then why do other mammals not run behind cows as well? Have you ever seen any other mammal trying to drink another lactating animal's milk? It's weird to even think of it!

My only intention with this particular post is to make you think! It is good to be mindful of what you are eating, but be logical about it. Identify 1 or 2 credible people to get your information from and just stick to them. If you find all this information intimidating, then just get a customised plan made for yourself! Don't stop till you find a solution that is convenient and sustainable.

Ask yourself just one question - Can I eat like this for the rest of my life?

Stop your search for an ideal solution only once the answer to the above question is YES.

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