Fermented Rice - the ideal breakfast to boost your gut health

A fantastic treat for your gut.

Fermented Rice with Curd

This dish is a beloved recipe from the North-East India. Known as Dahi Pakhala or Poita Bhat, this is one of those comfort food meals that every Bengali, Assamese and Oriya household loves.

It is very easy to make, requires no special ingredients or culinary expertise. You simply soak boiled and cooled white rice in water overnight. Next morning add the remianing ingredients and mash a little. That's it, your breakfast is ready!

The starch in rice and potato gets converted to "resistant starch" when they cool down. This makes them a prebiotic (food for the microbes in your gut). The fermentation of rice leads to production of gut-friendly bacteria and the addition of rice, further adds a few more strains of the bacteria. This dish, thus, is truly the best thing you can eat for your gut and overall health.


No of Portions - 1 Preparation Time - 5 minutes Skill Level - Easy


  • 3-4 spoons of White rice, boiled and cooled

  • Half Potato, boiled and refrigerated

  • Filtered water

  • 100-150 ml of Curd

  • Half a medium sized Onion

  • 1 tsp of Kasundi Mustard

  • Half Green Chillies

  • Lime Juice, to taste

  • Sea Salt, to taste


Place the cool white rice (this can be leftover rice) in a terracotta or a steel bowl and add twice the quantity of filtered water to it. Cover the container and let it sit in room temperature overnight.

In the morning, mash the rice along with the potato. Add all the remaining ingredients and mash it together with your hand. That's it, your breakfast is ready. Enjoy!

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