Curry Leaves & Tamarind Rice (wrapped in Banana Leaves) - Gut-Friendly, Antioxidant Rich

A true representation of India and all the flavours our culinary heritage boasts of so proudly!

Each and every ingredient in this recipe plays a unique role in both taste and nutritional value. The unique blend of spices and flavours used makes this dish a great choice for a good hearty meal. For most people visiting this link, health, nutrition and diets must be regular features in life, but it is dishes like this one that will make you feel like eating right is possible.

Tamarind & Curry Leaf Rice, baked in Banana Leaves

Who is it best for?

  • Anyone with good taste :p

  • Individuals who have gut health issues and have lots of dietary restrictions for that

  • People who lead a high-stress life or are in demanding professions

  • Those trying to reduce chronic inflammation

Makes - 4 servings

Coconut Rice

White rice (preferably unpolished) - 1 cup

Grated Coconut - 1 cup

Chopped Coriander Leaves - 1 cup

Salt - to taste

Boil the rice keeping them slightly hard. Drain out excess water, add the coconut, coriander and salt. Mix lightly with hands.

Tamarind and Curry Leaves Curry

Coconut - 2-inch piece

Tamarind Juice - 1 cup

Jaggery - 1 tbsp

Onions - 1 big, chopped into 1 cm cubes

Curry Leaves - 2 cups

Methi Seed - 1 tsp

Coriander Seeds - 1 tbsp

Dried Red Chillies - 3-4

Urad Dal - 1 tbsp

Sesame oil - 1 tsp

Turmeric powder - 1/2 tsp

Salt - to taste

Water - 2 cups

Vegetables (carrots, beans, bottle gourd) - 3 cups

Chop the vegetables into medium-sized cubes. Rub some oil and salt on them. Bake in the oven at 250 degrees till they turn slightly golden on the edges. (Takes about 15-20 minutes).

Dry roast red chilli, methi Seed, urad dal and coriander seeds. Cool and grind along with coconut and curry leaves into a smooth paste.

In a kadhai, heat oil. Add chopped onion and cook on high flame till they turn slightly brown. Now add tamarind juice, salt and turmeric. Let this boil for 3-4 minutes.

Add the spice mixture and jaggery. This needs to now boil for a good 6-8 minutes.

Now add the oven-roasted vegetables. Taste and adjust for salt.

Adjust gravy consistency with water. It needs to be slightly thinner than cake batter. Boil the curry till the aromas are all released and are strong!


Sesame oil - 2 tsp

Curry Leaves - 1 sprig

Urad Dal -

Mustard 1 tbsp Seeds - 1 tsp

Heat oil, add the remaining ingredients. Let the seeds splutter and then take it off the flame.

Banana Leaves

Banana Leaves - 2 whole

Wash and dry the leaves. Fold the leaves and cut out the central stem. You will now have the two halves separate.

Wrapped in Banana Leaves and Baked Till Charred


Divide all the components into 4 parts.

On the backside of the banana leaf (dull side), place 2/3 of the divided portion of rice. Put the gravy and then the remaining 1/3rd rice. Now put a spoonful of the tempering.

Fold the leaf from all four sides. Hold it together wither with toothpick or by tying a white thread around.

Bake it in an oven on 250 degrees for 20 minutes.

Your rice is ready. You can eat this as is or with curd.

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