Unleash your best version

The human body is the best machine ever made.

The kind of things your body can do, the kind of mind-boggling, unforgettable feats that you can achieve cannot even be described in words. In a world where we athletes pushing the limits every minute, and soldiers enduring extreme climates and extreme terrains at the border, do you feel like you are enough?


Do you feel like you are living at your best?

Have you unleashed your best version?

Think beyond our weight and how you look in some outfit. Think of what you can do to reach 100% of your natural capacity?

You behold unending mental and physical power. Everything from remembering something seemingly irrelevant from your childhood to climbing the Mt.Everest is possible. Literally, anything you set your mind on can be yours. But, for all of this come true, you need to first understand your body.

Image by Franck V.

You see, your body and you are a team. And in this team, your body does all the hard work. Breaking down what you eat, segregating different molecules into different compartments, converting them to another molecule that will be used for a function in some cell somewhere in your body. It's not easy! But, your body does it happily. Even when you are asleep, your body is still working. But, what is your role in this? 

Your role is the smallest, but most impactful. Your role is to provide the right raw material. The right nutrients (not calories), right thoughts, right air, right movement. That's it! If you eat each meal knowing what it is doing inside you, then you will never ever do any form of damage!

Our one-on-one coaching programs aim to build this level of understanding. We focus wholly on creating a healthy ecosystem around you. 


Our one-on-one coaching programs aim to build this level of understanding. We focus wholly on creating a healthy ecosystem around you. 

This starts with an in-depth understanding of your current lifestyle which includes diet, work requirements, stress levels, fitness goals, health status, gut health, genetic predispositions, etc. We keep every little detail that may be of relevance in the long run in mind, we then get to building a food and lifestyle regime around you!

Khushboo's unique coaching style is what really makes this plan sustainable and easy to follow. She will be there for you at every step, right from identifying the right food to eat, to menu planning, grocery lists, exploring fitness options, stress management, or just a friend who will lend a listening ear. Every recommendation made will be simple, pocket-friendly and practical. These plans can be conducted in person (in Mumbai, India) or online through video and voice calls.

If you wish to know more about our programs, you can book a 15-minute Exploratory Call.