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Have you ever looked at your sibling doing something weird and said to them "You are becoming MOM!"?

There are a lot of habits we pick subconsciously. Which means we have little or no control over these habits.

You can play a huge role in protecting your kids from health issues in their adulthood. All you have to do is set the right example. If your kid sees you skipping your workouts or binge eating besan laddoos, then that's what the kid thinks is normal adult behavior. However, if your kid grows up playing sports with you and eating food that is good for you, then that's what the kid will do as well!


We all know what "Monkey See Monkey Do" means. It is our mind's ability to mirror the habits and actions we see in our environment.

A common challenge faced by school practitioners nowadays is that children are picking up on the "diets" followed by their weight-conscious parents and are themselves having body image issues. Such issues at a young age will lead to a lot of complications as adults.

Our family nutrition plans are designed keeping this very challenge in mind. Creating an ecosystem at home, where every family member is able to stay healthy and fit without affecting the overall balance is key!  Our focus is on creating a good lifestyle for the parents so that the children pick up on all the right habits without having to force them upon the children later on.


We can design fun-filled workshops for groups - women, men, start-ups, brides, children, teachers, students, PTA members. 

These sessions can be conducted on various topics based on the requirement of the group. Send us your requirements on khushboo@thehealthpantry.in.

If you wish to know more about our programs, you can book a 15-minute Exploratory Call.


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