"All illness without any exception is the expression of a break in equilibrium. That means, if all your organs, all the members, and parts of your body are in harmony with one another, you are in perfect health."
Sri Aurobindo





About Me

Hi! I am Khushboo Jain Tibrewala, Bachelors in Food & Human Nutrition, Post Graduate in Sports Science & Fitness Nutrition and a specialized course in Gut Microbiomics. I am a Nutritionist, working with individuals and families who's demanding schedules are making it difficult for them to live a healthy life.  Most of us urban mammals have multiple lifestyle related health disorders that can be almost completely eliminated if you build healthier habits and introduce some simple lifestyle changes. 


With all my coaching clients, I focus on building a good, sustainable and practical way of living. There are a lot of age old recipes, food traditions, and local ingredients that I introduce into their lives. I focus on building good habits that you can sustain for decades to go.


It is my mission to ensure you learn enough about your body and health needs that you can look after yourself without the repeated dependence on me or any nutritionist in the future. 

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The Health Pantry

Mumbai, India